1Who is eligible to be a Customer
The definition of "Customer" is somebody who has been referred by an affiliate to a CFD and Forex broker and has made a deposit. The Customer should be over 18 years old, and has not been a client of the CFD and Forex broker before.
2How do I generate income?
We track every Customer that has been referred by you. When a registration and a deposit is made by the Customer, you generate earnings depending on your commission plan (see Commissions)
3What are the payment methods?
We work with payment service providers such as Neteller or Skrill, as well as bank wire.
4How much does it cost?
Signing up and becoming our affiliate is FREE.
5Is it necessary that I have a website in order to become an affiliate?
Not at all. You can use all forms of online and offline marketing in order to set up your campaign. These include - Email Marketing, AdWords, events and others. Send us an email for further information.
6What Commission plans do you offer?
Please visit our "Commissions" page from the Menu on top for further information or send us an email.
7Can you help me with marketing content?
Yes we can! We offer a variety of marketing tools, including creation of Landing Pages, Reviews, Banners and Email Marketing mailers. For further information, please visit our "Marketing Tools" page from the Menu on top or send us an email.
8Can you customize marketing materials for me?
Yes. We can customize Banners, Logos, Website Designs and others. For further information please send us an email.